Monday, April 24, 2006

34 Way To Make Money Online!

34 Ways To Make Extra Money On The Internet

Below you'll find dozens of money making opportunity in brief details. Right now I can only give brief description of each opportunity. In the near future I'll give you complete details of each opportunities with complete "how to" guide format. Personally I've tried and tested almost all the opportunities. Some worked; some didn't; some will never work.

It's all about choosing a opportunity and executing the proper plan. Remember, not all the opportunities are equal and legitimate. If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it might be scam as well!

Now this article is three part series. In this first part I'm going to show you 6 ways to make money on the internet (the legitimate ways) In second part I'll show you how to make money by selling your serivice/s. In the final part I'll show how you convert your hobby into money machine. You can earn decent money during your leisure hours while having fun! :)

1> Start selling on eBay. This is the easiest and most efficient ways to make some money on the Internet. There are Millions of peoples all over the world making decent living from eBay. It's legitimate and something really works.

2> Sell your own product! Yes, you can sell just about anything on the internet. When you want to sell online you need a website. Selling on the internet is not very easy. It requires lots of dedicated work and heavy patience.

3> Sell affiliate products. Affiliate means agent or middleman. You sell someone's (other companies) product for a commission. You don't have to buy and keep inventory. Therefore your investment is almost null.

4> Network Marketing: There are 1000's of peoples making fantastic income from Network marketing. I tried few and it sucked! :(

5> MLM: Multi level marketing. This is similar to network marketing. I tried couple of opportunities and failed.... it sucks :( But I definitely know many peoples who made fortune from MLM companies.

6> Sell your serivice. Yes you can sell almost any service job of the internet. Marketing, accounting, software programming, web designing and even seduction service could be sold on the Internet. I'll give you full details very soon.

Stay tuned for second part of this article.

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