Saturday, February 04, 2006

Desperate For Money?

What To Do When You Are Desperate For Money?

More than 90% of the peoples in the world have at least faced the situation where they are desperate for money. I have personally faced this situation many times. That's one of the worst scenarios human could ever face.

We face this situation mostly due to our own stupidity and careless attitude. The purpose of this article is not to tell you why desperate for money situation occurs. I want to tell you what to do when you are desperate for money.

Imagine this situation-

> You have lost your job few months back.
> Your Bank account has zero balance.
> You have maxed out all of your Credit card.
> You have too many bills to pay.
> Your son will be kicked out from School if you don't pay School-fee within next 3 days!
> You have a sick mother and she requires daily medical treatment.
> Your young daughter fells downs from Staircase and her leg is broken!
> You have already taken lots of hand-loan from your friends and can't ask for anymore

Yes... this is the situation...

What will you do if this is your situation?

Based on own life experience I'm going to write a series of articles related to this subject.

The first article would be "How to reduce your daily expenses by 60%!"

MN Sharma

Tip: Don’t assume that you are the only person in the world “desperate for money”… there are millions of peoples!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Job Searching Tips

Job Search Tips

"Getting a job is real hell on this planet" my buddy said after attending his 27th Interview once. (Ofcourse there is no job security now a days!)

But you need a job to get a major break in your life

If you’re not sure what to do, here’s a list that might help.

1. Know thyself.

Identify what really interest and excites you. Understand that these traits define you and use it to explore career choices and opportunities.

2. Take a career assessment test.

There are a lot of career assessment tests available online. Find the time to take one. The test gives you a lot of insights about your core competencies and work preferences.

3. Ask others.

It’s actually quite difficult to see yourself as others do. It would be to your advantage to ask friends and family on your traits and skills. Your co-workers are also a good source of information. Knowing how they perceive you, what they like and don’t like about you and what skills or traits need to be changed can be helpful in determining your professional profile.

4. What moves you?

Would you be more interested in status or a six figure salary? Do you want to make a difference in your community and the world or just on your company’s net worth?

5. Take charge.

In the ‘80s, when you worked for a large company, you usually could conclude that you would be working there for your entire career. In those days, the corporation drove your career path, advancing as it saw fit.

At the turn of the century, times have changed. In the span of your career, you would probably work for at least five companies. In most cases, you will probably work for more than five. Know which career track you desire, and make sure that track brings you to where you wish to go.

6. Determine the company fit.

With the current emphasis on streamlined and productivity-focused companies, the cultural and company fit are just as important as the professional goals. Consider the values and principles of the company and compare them with your own. It is important that you feel comfortable and fit in with company.

7. Free your mind.

The career path you choose is about change and more change. It includes expansion and new opportunities. All of these changes require a desire to journey and discover.

8. Balance is the key.

A huge amount of time is devoted to your career when you are in your 20s and 30s. When you reach your 40s, your personal life might take precedence and maybe more important to you. Find a corporation that will provide you with a balance in your work and your life.

9. Don’t hang around.

If you’re not satisfied with the way your career is going, go do something. Always be in control of your career path to have a satisfying career.

ICashLine Google Junction Review

I Cash Line Google-Junction Review

Make money with the combination of Commission Junction & Google. All you need to do is to buy Google-Junction eBook by paying $22. Then you have to join Commission Junction (CJ.Com) affiliate program; then select few program to promote; join Google Adwords and write few simple ad copy; earn 1000's each month; very simple, any dog can do it.

> No website is required
> No experience is required
> No more investment is required
> No customer supports need to be handled.

Well, this is another avatar of opportunity scam. The folk at (their program name is Google junction) is totally misleading peoples by providing wrong details. They have posted some scanned copies of checks they have received. I'm NOT telling that those checks are fake... it's real check (cheque) though it can be faked. I'm not even telling that those strategies don't work.

What I'm telling you is, they are totally misleading the peoples who are looking to earn some money on the internet!

Let's see how this stuff works.

You buy Google-Junction eBook by paying small fee of $22. This eBook will explain you how to make money by promoting commission junction provided affiliate program via Google Adwords. If you have little knowledge of eCommerce you don't have to spend money on this concept.

Let me tell you some truth. In order to be accepted by Commission Junction -

You need a website hosted on top level domain name. (IE, NOT Your website must be well designed and should have quality content/information (of course website is not must if you run a quality e Newsletter) but there is no possibility of having a Newsletter without a website!

Okay... let's assume that you have got a website and luckily approved by Commission Junction. Let's also assume that you have basic eCommerce knowledge (not surfing or browsing) Ecommerce means making financial transactions on the Internet. (All these stuffs are too lengthy and I don't have the patience to type all of then right now)

Now here is the FUN :)

By this time you have joined some affiliate program to promote (Affiliate means, selling someone's product for a commission) just like a agent, distributor, reseller. Of course some company will pay for getting peoples to signup for free offers or trail period etc. So that later companies can send email promotion to buy products.

According to Google Junction you only have to promote free product, trail etc. Now the question is how you'll get peoples?


Go to and create a Adverting account. Let's assume that you are going to promote If you refer a free member to you'll get paid $2-$4 depending on the location. Google allows keywords advertising (known as contextual adverting) where you'll pay Google for every clicks. The cost per click would be anywhere from 10 cents to 200 dollars

  • Side Note: Every time you search something on you must have noticed some "Sponsored Result" on the right hand column. It means if you click on that link the advertiser will have to pay certain amount to Google. (Remembers it's Pay Per Click!)

Now you have to analyze who would be interested to join Let's assume that peoples who want to purchase second hand cell phone might be interested. So you would target the keyword "Second Hand Cell Phone". Daily around 1000 peoples search for second hand cell pone on Google. You'll advertise for this keyword.

If you pay more to Google, your ad will be shown on the top of the search result and vice-versa. Let's assume you are willing to pay 10 cents per click. So if you get 100 clicks you'd pay 10 dollar to Google. Peoples who click on your ad would visit through your promotional links and around 10 peoples will join the site (it could be more or less) Since you have referred 10 members to eBay they will pay you 20 dollars (exact commission amount will vary)

So you have made 10$ profit (IE Gross commission $20- less adverting cost $10)

Remember, it's not as easy as I explained... there are too many things to handle. You may end up losing money too!

This is how this concept works. I'm not telling that this concept doesn't work. I personally make more than $1000 profit from the same concept... but it just doesn't work the way Google Junction claims! It's not that easy.

You can go with this concept, if you are looking to start a online business and willing to spend huge money. So you need following-

> a quality website on top level domain name.
> a Credit card to pay adverting cost to Google
> Willing to invest money and take risk.
> Fast learn ability of eCommerce process.

If you are looking for a JOB, then this is definitely not for you... you'll earn.... nothing... nada!

  • Another Note: These peoples are selling a database of millions of email id. Please note that you can not send any commercial mail to peoples who haven’t requested for it. It's called Spamming (don't you receive junk mail daily?) If you were caught for spamming, the punishment is up to $25,000 penalty and 3 years jail.

Good Luck :)

MN Sharma