Friday, August 04, 2006

Part time freelance jobs

Part Time Freelance Job Opportunity

Last month I talked about some website where you can make money without paying any fee. The list isn't full yet. In the future I'll devote one more month and talk about other money making sites. Finding legitimate opportunity is a hard work as you probably know.

This month I'll be talking about where you can find freelance and part time jobs. If you have exceptional talent and spirit to work hard it won't be daunting task to get freelance jobs.

As you know already most of the small business level employers are seeking for highly talented and skilled employees to cut their cost. This is where you get job opportunities.

If you are looking for job then you need the right skill. If you are a writer, Graphic designer, Software coder, Multimedia programmer and Web developer then you can find some easy jobs. Remember, there are no things like unlimited data entry jobs... it's scam :)

I'll start posting about Freelance opportunity within few days... so come back soon.

Best Regards
MN Sharma

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is Online Income for real?

Can You Really Make Money on the Internet?

Welcome back... another month passed away. But August is kind of special for me; something memorable; something sweet; something revenge :)

Exactly two years back I quit my full time job and started online venture. (I last worked for my Company on 31st July 2004).

I still remember that day when my foreign idiot boss said-

"Hey, you are useless; you are good for nothing" at the conference hall and in front of everyone.

I was insulted in front of everyone; I was hurt...

That day evening I submitted my resignation letter to him. His shocking response was-

" What? Resignation?? I don't accept it... you can't leave this company before the project get completed! I'll not give you leaving letter"

"I don't want leaving letter from you SIR" I actually shouted.

Boss... didn't say anything. He called Accountant and asked him to settle my pay... that's all.

Now two years gone... completely gone...

Now each month I'm earning more than what I used to earn in a whole year from my full time job!

I'm an growing Internet Entrepreneur with dozens of website now. There is no reason why I can't be a millionaire soon (yup, really!)

But did I achieve it overnight? Absolutely NO!

After quitting my job I just had money for one month of living. And that's where problems begin to occur...

Savings gone...
No income...
Expenses are still growing...
Debt increasing

... I was down to earth; totally hopeless; totally frustrated.

No money for food thus I was forced do fasting!

But I worked hard... I mean really hard. I worked for 18 hours per day... there are instances when I worked continuously for 36 hours without rest! After struggling for more than 6 months I finally got a break in my Internet business.

I actually begin to make some money. During that tough period I spent tons of money on all those work at home kit, data entry scams, typing jobs and so on....

I know every employment opportunity scam out there... that's why I'm able to write this blog and share my expertise.

Let me tell you the truth.

There is no unlimited job opportunity available on the internet. This Internet can only offer some business opportunity for serious peoples. That's why only one out of thousand peoples who enter into the Internet ocean would make money here. Other would loss their precious time and money.

What I'm sharing here is purely from my personal experience.

-If you are looking for jobs you better to look at some other place (is there any jobs left)

-If you are looking for business I can help you to succeed.

Again hard work is really matter. You have to spent more time here than you spend at your office; you even have to work on holidays. You continuously need to feed your brain with knowledge; you need to spend money on practical education.

If you can do all these... you can succeed ... else

You are only going to see life sucking experience here (yes, truly)

Reading my Blog entries is your first positive step to change your life...

...keep it up.

Best regards

MN Sharma

PS: So the conclusion is it’s really possible to make money on the Internet. I’m the living proof for it. But making money on the Internet is not just like what you have thought!