Saturday, February 04, 2006

Desperate For Money?

What To Do When You Are Desperate For Money?

More than 90% of the peoples in the world have at least faced the situation where they are desperate for money. I have personally faced this situation many times. That's one of the worst scenarios human could ever face.

We face this situation mostly due to our own stupidity and careless attitude. The purpose of this article is not to tell you why desperate for money situation occurs. I want to tell you what to do when you are desperate for money.

Imagine this situation-

> You have lost your job few months back.
> Your Bank account has zero balance.
> You have maxed out all of your Credit card.
> You have too many bills to pay.
> Your son will be kicked out from School if you don't pay School-fee within next 3 days!
> You have a sick mother and she requires daily medical treatment.
> Your young daughter fells downs from Staircase and her leg is broken!
> You have already taken lots of hand-loan from your friends and can't ask for anymore

Yes... this is the situation...

What will you do if this is your situation?

Based on own life experience I'm going to write a series of articles related to this subject.

The first article would be "How to reduce your daily expenses by 60%!"

MN Sharma

Tip: Don’t assume that you are the only person in the world “desperate for money”… there are millions of peoples!

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