Monday, January 30, 2006

Data Entry Jobs

Is Data Entry Jobs Scam?

"Make money from home working part time on the internet. Very simple data entry jobs; anyone can do it; no experience, no special software, even your own computer is not required. You can even work from Cyber Cafe"

"This job is suitable for work at home moms, unemployed/under-employed and disabled peoples. It doesn’t matter if you have lost one leg, one eye, and one ear, divorced, widowed, and fired from your boss! Anyone can do it. All you need is simple internet connection and ability to process some English words!

Wow, wow


I'm sorry... the above one is an advertisement... does it sounds too good to be true?

Yes... it is!

This is a perfect example of scam. The ad looks great, website is looks promising... but what is the catch? Too many...

There are hundreds of types of "Data Entry Jobs" (scams) available on the internet. But today I cannot cover all of them. So I've decided to give some information on "Classified Ad Posting Jobs"

What is Classified Ad Posting Jobs?

The Concept:
You'll be given some advertisement copy; all you have to do is go to Free classified advertisement website and post add which is already provided to you. Each month you have to submit a job report to your employer explaining how many ads you have posted and to which website you have submitted. The employer will review your work and pay you your wages.

Let's assume that you are suppose to be paid 25 cents ($0.25) per ad posted; so if you have posted 1000 ads per month you'll get paid $250... not bad at all for part time simple work!

The Promise:
There is absolutely no restriction on how many ads you can post per month. The more ads you post, the more you earn! Just go to and search for "Free Classified Ads Site"; you'll find more than 30 millian websites! How much can you make if you are able to post ads to 30 million website? (Please read this article fully... you'll be shocked!)

The Catch:
There is a one time Registration fee (application charge) of $30 $50 or sometimes even more. This fee is to cover our administrative and training fee. You are never required to pay anymore after registration. You can get started immediately after registration.

Okay... Granted; if I could make $500 bucks per month working from home then why should I worry about registration fee?

It Begins now...

Well, now you have registered for this job and fully excited to get started. From your employer (?) you get a sample of ads and a list of few Classified ads website. Now you are very eager to start working... your heart beat is increasing... you are sweating... you just can't even take food so you decides to skip night dinner to work on the internet!

Aha... what an opportunity...

Time for frustration!

The ad copy which is given to you is reads like this-

"Ad Typists Required"
"We urgently require few hundred ad typing clerks from home. Work part-time/full-time from home on the internet; earn up to $5000 per month"

Remember, you are doing the same job which the above ad says.

The Scam:
The truth is there aren't 1000's of free classified advertisement site. There are hardly few hundreds exists. So there is no way you can submit ads to millions of websites. The web results that appear on Google aren't necessarily Classified ad sites.

And your employer requires proof of ads posted. Most of the legitimate Ad sites will give you confirmation number when you post ads and many will not. So you simply waste your time and energy by posting ads and don't get any confirmation. Let's assume that in your first month you post to 1000 sites (That's damn hard work!) Out of which 700 websites will not give you any confirmation number and your employer will not pay for that.

Most of the ads you post to classified sites will expire within 24 hours, 3 days or one week. So by the time you submit your performance report your employer there would no proof of work since the ad is already expired. So you'll not get paid for that!

After all these "Audit" process your employer will credit your account with $10-$20. But since the minimum payout threshold is $100 you'll not be paid. Your earning will be carries forward to next month.

More than 90% of the peoples will quit this job now... and that’s what the Scammer wanted. Few peoples will continue for couple of month and finally give-up with frustration.

So you have posted ads anyway. Peoples who are searching for data entry types of jobs (like you) will find ads you have posted. Few peoples will join the scam site like you... and the story goes like this...

When there will be an end?

MN Sharma

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Thank you for this informative report. You have saved me money that I cannot afford to lose on scams. Time to try to find another way of earning a much needed living. I've already lost a load of money. It would be interesting to set up some sort of which? report on what are scams and what are not. Anybody out there want to contact me? Lets do something about these scams. There must be a way.
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