Friday, July 28, 2006

Free to join paid surveys | Survey club review

Best Free To Join Paid Surveys

If you search on the internet about "employment" or "part time jobs opportunity" or "work at home jobs" you'll find dozens of ads related to "paid surveys". Once you visit those sites you'll notice that you'll be asked to pay one time registration fee. (Registration fees would be anywhere between $20 to $60) These membership sites will have link to some free to join paid surveys. And website would claim that you could earn several 1000's dollars by taking simple paid surveys!

While the topic of "paid surveys" is highly debatable I'm not 100% against paying for these membership sites if they actually provide genuine information or legitimate opportunity.

But today I would like to show a great site which provides information and links to free to join paid surveys. The website doesn’t contain 100's of 1000's of links like other scammers claim. It only contains links to 2 dozen free to join paid surveys; but to be honest they are genuine :)

You don't have to pay a single dime to access their database. All you need to do is fill a simple application form.

So let's visit the site now and get paid to take online survey.


PS: Currently this website accepts members from USA, UK, Canada & Australia only :(
I'll search if there is any other sites available for international members... thanks for your patience :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Get Paid To Write Software Review

Write Software Review & Get Paid $50!

Would you like to get paid $50 for writing no BS software review?
Then I've found another resource for you to make money online!

According this

Get paid for your software reviews

If you have strong opinions about software, whether positive or negative, and want to get paid for your reviews, you are in the right place. We pay up to 50 dollars for tell-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS, straight talking software reviews.

HOWEVER, it can't be just ANY review for ANY software. We only accept HONEST reviews for software LISTED at SOFTWAREJUDGE.COM
(the list isn't huge, but you can pick what you like).

Obviously, your review has to be damn good for us to pay you fifty bucks and not every reviewer is going to get that much for a single review. However, you get paid at least a buck for any review published here. Ten reviews – ten bucks. Twenty reviews – twenty bucks. You do the math. The better your work, the more money you get for writing fewer reviews.

Here are simple rules.

First. Submit only original reviews that you wrote personally. If we find out that there is a sentence that’s not yours (it’s very easy to find that out with Google), you won’t get paid. Even if you previously submitted top notch reviews that we really liked. We always run reviews through web search before paying you or buying software you requested.

Second. Don’t submit more than three reviews in one day. Better yet, submit one review and see if it gets published or not. If it does not get published, it’s not good enough and we don’t want to spend several hours a day reading crappy reviews. Not everybody is good at this. But you have to be good to get published. Also, don’t bother us if your English is very bad. It’s fine if you make some mistakes (we all do), but a person who only had two years of English classes in high-school or college isn’t someone who is qualified for this job.

Third. Besides freebies, like free reg keys and free games that we give away to best contributors, there are two ways you get paid. If you have $200 in your account, contact us via the form with the complete personal information necessary for us to send you the money. Right now the default method is Western Union, because money can be sent anywhere in the world in 15 minutes. Again, the minimum amount is $200 (two hundred dollars) because we don’t want to spend all our time in the bank. If you have at least $20 in your account, you can request any software, game or an e-book to be purchased. You pick any product you want that costs as much money as is currently available in your account (or less) BUT it has to be a DOWNLOADABLE. We don’t want to deal with shipping costs (we’ve got a few reviewers who live in Australia) or spend time finding out why your package never arrived. In this day and age, you can pretty much buy any software in downloadable form, just send us the link and we’ll get it for you. We won’t buy anything off eBay for the same reason – we don’t want to deal with merchants we can’t trust.

Finally. Don’t be stupid. Don’t review software that you never tried. Don’t say software is good, if it’s bad. Don’t try to write only positive reviews. And never, never do anything that’ll piss us off.

Here is the link to site in question; (New window)

Best regards :)
MN Sharma

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Make Money From Your Digital Camera!

How To Make Money From Your Digital Camera

I've found a cool way to make some extra money on the internet! Believe me... it doesn't cost you a dime to get started :)


Do you have Digital Camera? (Other flash camera's okay)
Do you often take pictures great things?

Then you can make money by selling your images to a site called

Istockphoto is a web service where peoples can buy & download royalty free images for their own purpose; peoples can use these images in their websites and print publications. This website charges one time fees to their customers... it may vary from $1 to $100 dipending on size and purpose.

As a photographer you have the opportunity to sell your photographs. Please note that you'll not get any money just by submitting your photos. You'll get paid every time someone purchases your photos... In other words you'll get royalty for your photos every time someone decides to use your creative!

If you are an creative photographer you can expect a nice paycheck month after month.... for free. All you have to do is to visit and register with them. You are required to submit your "Photo ID" proof and address proof to send your paycheck.

Warning: Don't use and copyright imaged or any imaged that violates trademark law. Go through the entire site and spend few hours’ to research the hot topics. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money ...

... here is the link again

Best regards :)
MN Sharma

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